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Pepper's been on Joint Support for about 3 years now. He used to have a pretty bad limp due to his arthritis but doesnt have an issues anymore. We are thrilled that he runs around like a pup again. He loves both flavors and we want to thank you for making our boy happy!

T. S., Herriman UT

We feel so fortunate to have found a caring quality producer, Nature's Balance, which has provided a much needed supplement, Joint Support, for our two furbabies… Axl, a 7 year old GSD reduce and Blue, a 5 year old Mastador.

Within the first 2 weeks, our Shepherd's fur was softer and shedding was decreased (he was lovingly called our German Shedder). What we notice the most, beside the fact that both dogs love the taste, is that the shepherd, who has had a bad hind leg since birth, was running more evenly and longer after about a month of daily supplements. His gait improved!

To find a family who takes pride in their product makes us feel good about feeding it to our babies.

Sharon and Tom L, Caldwell ID

Great price for an amazing product. Thank you!!!

Louise M

I would like to let you guys know how good my 9 year old putty is doing on your natures balance joint formula. She was on pain pills, injections once a week, and another pill. She was limping on both her front legs. I first purchased the joint formula last fall. I started with one packet a day for a 85 pound dog while I decreased her presciption medication. Then I saw you again this spring and talked about trying 2 packets daily. She is now off all her prescrition medications and is not limping any more. And she is down to under 85 pounds. Starting out at around 93 pounds. So I would like to thank you so much for your great product.

Also, the last labs that she had done when she was still on the presciption medication, the vet was concerned about her kidney and liver values. The latest labs, the vet was very pleased with the kidney and liver values. We will check again in 6 months.

R. S., Kimberly Idaho

Our 12 year old chocolate Lab LOVES this product! He was a picky eater before but  looks forward to his meals with Nature's Balance sprinkled on top.  Prior to using Joint Support, he had a difficult time getting up-and-down off the floor. We have seen a significant improvement and a decrease in his inflammation. This product is superior to others that we have tried and is at a great price.

Shane C, Nampa ID

I began using Joint Support for by 15 year old Rat Terrier. She has had joint problems her whole life, knee problems, back problems, etc. We have tried glucosamine gummies and glucosamine liquid products among other things. With few teeth left, she would take hours to eat a few bites and then go lay down. Since putting her on Joint Support, she acts like a puppy again at feeding times and throughout the day. She is over-all more happier and I have started giving it to my two other younger dogs as a preventative measure.

Dave, Boise ID

Pup approved product!

I noticed my dog was starting to show signs of early arthritis so I purchased a box of Nature's Balance. I began to notice a difference within a week and we were able to walk a little further each day! The individual packets make traveling with this product SO easy.

Jaxx would like you to know his preferred way to eat Nature's Balance is sprinkled on top of smashed bananas!

Val, ID

I met you a few weeks ago at the Caldwell Tuesday market, and purchased a couple boxes of joint support from you for my great dane. He's 11 years old, and had really started to show his age. I will say first, that I am a huge skeptic of everything, however, within 2 weeks of starting him on the supplement, he is now acting like a 2 year old puppy! He has so much more energy, and his paw licking subsided a lot. I am so amazed and Thankful! It is worth every penny and then some. My 9 year mastiff is now on it also, and have seen a change in her too. More than happy to let you use me and my pups as a referral on a wonderful product!

B Walker, ID

I 1000% recommend Nature's Balance! We found Nature's Balance at a booth during a festival in town. We have 2 Rottweilers and an American Bully. For those that know us, you know our bully was diagnosed with Juvenile hip and knee dysplasia. She was prescribed Carprofen to help her with the pain. If we took her on a walk or a hike that was more than a mile, the poor baby literally would not be able to walk the rest of the day. If she did muster through to move, she'd drag her hind legs behind her. After using the joint support for 2 weeks we tested it out with a walk. We were thrilled when she made it through the entire walk, and showed no symptoms of being in pain. As a matter of fact, she still ran around the rest of the day and acted like her puppy self. This is even without taking her Carprofen. I can't even begin to explain what a dramatic change this is for her and for us! All of our dogs get this sprinkled on their food. They love the beef and peanut butter flavors. Our bully will actually lick the peanut butter one right out of our hands.Thank you Nature's Balance, our Bully can finally run and play as puppies should, pain free!!

S. B.

I’m very impressed with Nature’s Balance. My dogs compete in performance events so it’s very important to have proper nutrition. My 5 year old, Jorja Peach had endless energy and the stamina to perform several times a day. I love how Nature’s Balance is conveniently portioned into easy to serve packets. It makes dosing extremely simple, especially when traveling! It’s perfect to sprinkle over their food, they think they’re getting a treat! We love Nature’s Balance!!!

Kayla F.

I'm so glad that we found your product. Our 16 year old lab is doing as well as a 16 year old can be doing and isn't taking Cosequin any longer. It's so convenient to have it auto delivered every month, so that I don't have to try to remember to get it ordered before we run out.

L. M. ID

Our DIGESTIVE Testi-bone-ials

We got the digestive a couple of weeks ago for our Aussie and within a week no more crusty eyes, no itching. No more snoring! We are just blown away!!

C. M., Nampa, ID

We LOVE the Digestive Support!! Our dog's ears bother her way less and no bumps around her mouth or constant itching of her fur. We even canceled her vet appointment for more antibiotics!! We're only on week 3 of using it! I would love to order more.

A. S. Nampa, ID

Bought the digestion formula for my 9 year old Husky because of horrible breath and frequent paw licking. So far, after almost 3 weeks of giving her this food additive, her breath has improved by 80 - 90%. Paw licking is less. She likes the taste of it. I subscribed to receive it once a month. So far, so good!!! An added bonus is excellent friendly customer service...Thank you :)


I've been on it 30 day's and noticed no bad breath, no straining to poop, well formed, moist! Less pooping waste! IDK if it's the Digestive Enzymes or the Joint Support! But I can't smell my dog's breath when they enter a room any longer yeah!

M King

We were at the Kanab Balloon Festival last month and ran into your booth while there. We were somewhat skeptical at first to try your product. It seems like we have tried them all! But, our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel has had such bad allergies since moving to Utah that we figured this was at least a try. And, are we glad we did! "Carmal" has had sneezing fits that we sometimes thought would never end but since giving him a spoonful of your Digestive Support Meal-Boost everyday (well, I have to admit I have missed a few days) they have calmed down dramatically. He seldom sneezes anymore and definitely, the sneezing fits have stopped. Not quite sure what specific ingredient in your product is the magical cure or, maybe it's the combination of all the ingredients. All I can say is, I know it works!!